Product quality commitment

1.The production and testing of the products have quality records and test data.
2.Testing of product performance. Customers can visit the whole process of the product in person. Full performance check. After the product is confirmed to be qualified and then shipped.

Product price commitment

1.In order to ensure product reliability and innovation. We will select the original materials.
2.Under the same competitive conditions, our company does not reduce the product performance, change the parts at the cost, and sincerely offer the best price to the customers.

Delivery commitment

1.The delivery time of the product will be as far as possible according to the requirements of the customer. If there are special requirements, it needs to be delivered in advance. Our company will specially organize the production and packaging.
2.When the product is delivered, our company will provide customers with various packaging materials. Technical specifications. It will always follow the logistics until the customer receives the goods.

After-sales service commitment

1. Service tenet: fast, accurate, thoughtful and thoroughly
2. Goal: Service quality wins customer satisfaction
3. Service efficiency: If the equipment fails during the warranty period, the customer will provide complete fault information. Our company will file the record. In the next order, the new product will be given to the customer.
4. Service principle: During the product warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace the damage caused by the quality for free. If the warranty period is exceeded, we can also repair it free of charge, but need to receive the accessories.
Costs. In the customer sales process, we return three times a year to understand the needs of our customers.


Warranty policy From the date of purchase, within warranty period, free repair is available for product functional defects. The warranty period is one year. Non-warranty policy The following circumstances, but not limited to the following circumstances, belong within the non-warranty range, the user is responsible for all repair costs:

● Accidents caused by unauthorized disassembly, repair, modification, misuse, and failure or damage due to the use of non-original accessories.
● Exceeding the warranty period.
●Damage caused by force majeure.
● Failure of the product and its accessories due to personal reasons.
● Any damage caused by maintenance and adjustment not in accordance with the manual.
● The failure and damage not caused by the design, manufacture and quality of the product. Customer service Any questions concerning maintenance and safety, please consult the distributor or visit our official website at www.ptalkie.com for details

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