Comparison between Power Talkie and other ham radio products

To all consumers:
Our company overcomes various technical barriers. After three years of research and development, finally launched the first generation of POWER TALKIE at the CES exhibition in January 2019, which caused quite a lot of repercussions in the communication industry.
Compared with the giants of similar products in the market , we areaccepted, and purchased by consumers. Thanks to our unique PT product features, our PT can talk in real time, 6000MAH's powerful battery capacity, long standby, and mobile phone can be charged, and the wireless communication distance is up to 5KM, The market feedback of PT generation has given us strong confidence. Therefore, our company is doing its best to develop the second generation. It is expected to be launched in 2020CES exhibition. Please wait and see.



Here is the comparison between Power Talkie,Rada..,and Goten..



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