Talk about the advantages of professional wireless communication system

Talk about the advantages of professional wireless communication system.

With the rise of public network communication technology, some people in the industry have questioned: Will public wireless communication systems be replaced by professional wireless communication systems? Technology always serves applications, and the value of communication lies in meeting the needs of users. The public network is a public network, and the private network is its own network. It is indispensable and irreplaceable. With the rise of public network communication technology, some people in the industry have questioned the public wireless communication system?


    Tailored, proprietary communication
    Private network communication provides users with a "customized" communication experience, while public network communication provides users with "universal" services.
    In the event of sudden natural disasters and public events such as fires, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks, the private network responds freely. The public network may encounter communication congestion and it is difficult to achieve results.
    Professional wireless communication systems are usually established to meet the needs of user organization management, safety production, dispatching command, etc., independent control, free from external constraints, more adaptable to specific work environments, and ensure customized work communication. Although the scope of public network communication is wide, it relies on the public as a resource, and relies on user density to carry out network coverage and thus complete communication services. Therefore, there are other passives that cannot be controlled by themselves. Different groups and different needs. The users of private network communication are usually government, police, railway, airport, port, mining, petrochemical, water conservancy, forestry and other industries. They have other industry characteristics, and they have unique needs for their own networks. They must have a set of special Fine communication services to help solve business problems.
    Capture delay, milliseconds
    The private network is mainly for one-to-many communication mode. It is fast on connection and short in delay. It is usually only a few hundred milliseconds. It can also set the user's priority level to ensure that key users have priority in calling, and finally provide high-quality and fast communication for specific customers. service.
    Unexpected events, every second counts. Anyway, in an emergency, only when you race against time and act decisively can you race against life at the same time.
    Compared with private network communication, the public network tends to be a one-to-one communication mode, and the transmission delay is long. Moreover, there are no important users and important event priority permission settings, and it is difficult to manage communication resources flexibly. Especially when there is congestion or failure in the public network, it is like a high-speed road blocked into a "parking lot", which is likely to bring more severe communication delays and cannot meet the requirements of the user's "instant communication".

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