Talking about Forestry Wireless Intercom Communication System

Talking about Forestry Wireless Intercom Communication System

As one of the national strategic resources, forestry resources have always been the target of national key protection. With the development of the times, forestry communication has begun to shift from analog to digital; forest fires, theft and logging are major disasters in forestry, which will cause huge damage to forest resources. The daily work of forestry workers is to protect forest resources and maintain ecology. Safety, because the forest area is sparsely populated, wired communication, mobile phone and other communication methods have limitations. In order to ensure the needs of forest work, it is necessary to build a forestry wireless intercom communication system. The wireless communication system is the basic means and important conditions for ensuring the organization and dispatching and management of the forest command department. Communication solution suitable for forestry users: PDT simulcasting system, digital IP interconnection system and emergency command system are deployed in the forest area.



    Digital IP Interconnect System
    The basic principle of the IP interconnection scheme is to connect a plurality of distributed repeaters through a TCP/IP-based Ethernet network to achieve wider communication coverage. The system has a simple structure and is suitable for forestry users to use a large number of base station networking applications. At the same time, it is convenient for workers to fight across regions. Signal coverage can be added to the coverage area of ​​the base station, which effectively solves the problem of blind coverage of the base station and meets the needs of forestry workers. Forest area signal blind area operation requirements.
    Emergency command system
    The emergency command system includes an emergency communication vehicle, an emergency communication box, and a wireless video transmission device. The 340-megabit video signal can be recorded through the front-end camera of the emergency communication vehicle and transmitted back to the command center through the satellite link; To the natural factors such as landslides and mudslides, the emergency communication vehicle cannot enter the first scene. The rescue personnel can carry the wireless transmission of individual equipment into the scene, and transmit the audio and video information to the emergency communication box through the individual soldiers in front, and the on-site command personnel pass the emergency communication site. Command or transmit information to the rear command center to facilitate the decision-making center to make decisions. The emergency command system is a good solution to the problem of conventional communication equipment on the rescue site, and can provide more abundant video information.

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