The power intercom is the latest off grid communication device for outdoor enthusiasts

The power intercom is the latest off-grid communication device for outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the coolest technologies we've researched and developed is the power walkie-talkie.Anyone who takes emergency preparedness seriously deserves one or two.Why is that?

Power intercom allows message, voice, real-time conversation, group conversation digital no cellular service or Wifi.It is easy to use and does not require a license, as amateur radio does.


In a sense, Power Talkie is basically a small, portable mobile phone tower, peer-to-peer, walkie-talkie application.

Power intercom power supply 100% off grid, mobile, remote mesh network.Pair this device with a telephone, or place it in an important position to relay communication between devices.No towers, routers or satellites are needed.

Peer phone intercom application

What can it do?

Off-line phone to phone connection: all you need is an app and a power walkie-talkie device, forget the route and the phone tower

Private 1:1 & group chat: SMS, voice, real-time chat, emoticons, etc.

GPS location map: free offline map.

Secure encryption: end-to-end privacy, no back door.

Spare power supply :6000mhA battery.Best IP67 interphone, waterproof, peer phone, interphone for kids

Why do you need one

With a small number of power walkie-talkies, a community can build a very powerful off-grid communication network that can cover several square miles in a matter of minutes.Nowadays, cell phones are like an extra part of our body.What if the cell phone tower breaks down?Decentralized self-built networks are cheap, secure and easy to deploy.It is necessary for everyone to prepare an emergency plan, such as fire, hurricane, Internet interruption, etc.

Better than a radio?

Compared with the analog walkie-talkie, the power walkie-talkie has less message loss, sometimes very annoying streaming sound, and the power walkie-talkie is very stable and quiet.Frequency string - you won't hear or be heard what other people are saying, it's a very private choice.

Compared to the digital walkie-talkie, it is cheap and free to use and does not require a license.Let's ignore the power.To get on the old walkie-talkie, get the most advanced and modern power walkie-talkie!

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