This walkie talkie like travel gadget could save your life

Do not underestimate its unassuming orange exterior. This could be the "it" travel item of the year. And I’m not trying to hype this up. I never thought something like this would exist. It’s a genius!


What is Power Talkie?
Power Talkie is a revolutionary piece of communication device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing text/voice/group talking and GPS communication between 2 or more devices. It works anyplace within the world – no cell towers or satellite service required! Think of it as a futuristic walkie talkie, but much, much better.


Where would the Power Talkie be useful?
There’s no limit to wherever you'll place this tiny device to use. Here are a few examples:

  • Hiking in a remote area.
  • Emergency scenario when a serious storm or natural disaster.
  • A crowded concert or sports event.
  • Traveling to a new country and you don’t want to use roaming data or pay for a local SIM card.
  • Road tripping in multiple cars, and communicating with friends/family.

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