What is the farthest effective distance of the walkie talkie?

What is the farthest effective distance of the walkie-talkie?

The professional walkie-talkie communication distance is within 3-10 kilometers.

The civilian walkie-talkie generally has a short talk distance (3 km in an open space), which is a wireless communication device that the state can approve without a license.

Commercial walkie-talkies are between 800 and 8 kilometers.



The general communication distance within 2-3 km can be regarded as short-distance communication. For individual users, you can purchase a civilian walkie-talkie. For the unit user, you can purchase a small power walkie-talkie by applying. If you want to ensure the communication effect, you can choose a professional walkie-talkie. Need to communicate within the city, communication distance is within 3-10 km, you can consider buying a professional walkie-talkie. If it is farther away, it is better to use the base station to communicate with the handheld walkie-talkie, or the radio station and the radio station communication base station. We can use the car radio with a relatively large output power. If you need a longer distance or better communication quality, you can consider using a cluster walkie-talkie if you don't have a network. Because the radio intercom is supported by the radio network, the communication distance is relatively long, and the effective distance reaches 15-30KM. This type of walkie-talkie requires network support, so once it is disconnected from the network, just like the mobile phone is off the network, even if the two sides of the call face each other, they cannot call. 

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